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Working with Referees


Conduct with Referees

Most referees are doing it because they enjoy the sport, and many of them try to teach the kids as they officiate the game.  Teach your players to respect the referees and not react when they are called for a foul.  It is acceptable for the players to ask the refs in a polite manner what they did to get a foul.  It is also acceptable for a player to let a referee know if they are getting pushed or held regularly. 

As a coach, you should NEVER complain about the referees in front of your players.  


Refereee Payments

Referees should be paid in cash (exact change) by the home coaches.  Payments are as follows:

  • Contiguous Game - 2 Referees: $45/Referee
  • Contiguous Game - 1 Referee: $65/Referee
  • Singleton Game (i.e., no game on either side) - 2 Refereees: $55/Referee